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"It's Clem. You know what to do."


Mar. 25th, 2022 05:10 am
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How's my driving?

Hopefully better than Clementine's. Anon is on, comments aren't screened.
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Instead of a CR chart, please see Clementine's entry on the Milliwiki.
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With ATP moving here, we don't have a fresh ad, so this month it consists of what we put up in May. click here and let me know what, if anything, is missing!
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Clementine is, for lack of a better word, in hell. An eight-by-nine foot hell that she has to share with Trudy and Raineesha, when she's not being threatened by other inmates or being beaten up for a stick of gum.

Raineesha keeps telling them life stories. Stories about arguing 'so richly' with her fiance that she knew she was going to give him some. This was two husbands ago, and Clementine knows he'll never hold a candle to Jonesy for her. Clem herself used to feel that exact way about Jones - until she met Sam and the world decide to change.

God, she misses him. Misses him and can't tell anyone that she misses him, which sucks doubly worse than it would if she could vent to somebody. Part of her has accepted that she's stuck waiting for the Bar to work its magic and bring her back to where she wants to be. The rest of her keeps trying visualization exercises. There's no such thing as trying too hard.

But when it does happen she's not expecting it at all.
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This vacation was her idea, so she really should be enjoying it, shouldn't she?

They'd both needed to get away, and it was the Fourth of July, so she thought why not? Let's go to Miami and hide out while Michael does...whatever he does...over in Coral Gables for the day. He knew a guy who knew a guy who was willing to let the two of them lie next to "the largest freshwater pool in Miami" for the price of a few tropical drinks. She should be having the time of her life while she avoids burning to death under the summer sun.

But it's nagging and clawing at her, and damn it, she needs to address it for once and for all.

Obviously, the best way to do this would be to shake him awake from of one of his burger-and-beer comas.
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Clementine doesn't mean to get locked out of Bar, but does anybody? One day she heads toward her door, tries to open it.

And it's gone.

Completely gone.

She freaks out for days over the idea that she'll never get to see Sam again; then she worries she'll forget everything about the place, the people she knows there - time stops.

Life goes on, though, and Clem flows with it; she has a very brief, very intense, vodka-soaked fling with Garcia for about two weeks before she realizes she's trying to replace the man she's really in love with, but Garcia's the one who pushes her away, right on camera and it's intrusive eye.

Time heals it all. It has to.

And then Garcia and Jones are caught on-camera beating a man in a milkshake costume. Clementine can't really blame them; the guy was a prick, all of them knew it, and if she'd been in their place she would have hit him twice as hard.

That's not how the American public nor the judicial system see it. After the perp walks accidentally into traffic and dies in a splattery mess on the Grand Junction Highway, Garcia and Jones are charged with murder. The station surrenders their tapes, and suddenly all of them are under fire.

Clem can go up the river for this. She's beyond aware of this fact, and it sucks.

She goes home and contemplates her sucky life under the low glow of candles and a marijuana haze.

And when she looks to the right, there's the door.




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Clementine has had a long few months.

Very long, and very filled with cranky sailors and grouchy spies healing from their wounds and a particularly stubborn SEAL to boot.

Whenever she comes to her room, it's to sleep, and it's no surprise that she dozes away seconds after she throws herself upon her bed. Normally she's a deep sleeper, but the sound of a creeky floorboard's enough to wake her.

Groaning, she rakes her fingers through her hair and sits up. "Look, I don't have any money and I've got a forty-five under my pillow. My stash is hidden in the ceramic dog on the dresser. Get it and get out."
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They're just friends.

She's absolutely fine with that. She's getting some top-quality ass, both at home and in the bar; Jim's finally settled into his new place, which means his leg hair isn't clogging up her shower drain anymore; and her favorite manicurist did up her nails in fire engine red. Life is pretty damn perfect and she doesn't want to accidentally change that.

Sitting in a back booth, she double-checks her revolver, waiting for him to show up. He's usually damn good with appointments - she likely won't be waiting for long.
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And up the stairs they come, to the Dan-blessed door of Clementine's domicile.

That room remains a contradiction. It's filled with paisleys and prints that belong in the distant past - Navajo patterns, psychedelic tie-dye and batiked violets. Yet is somehow neat as a pin, and manages to work as a collective whole. It smells heavily of an ambery incense and the lighting seems to be stuck permanently on a 'cheap highway motel' setting.

"So..." she says, tossing her bag on the rickety table nearest the TV set, "here we are." Bed or sofa? She picks the sofa quickly, lounges upon it alluringly, and arches her chest. "Can I...get you anything?"

Coffee, tea...boob?
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Clementine doesn't quite know how they're going to do this - but they're going to try.

She's already in her stage makeup and costume and is chain-smoking just inside of her door - the door, thankfully, to the back of the theatre. "Come on in," she encourages.
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Lipstick and Dynamite: A Sam Axe/Clementine Johnson fanmix

1: Crush With Eyeliner - REM - "I know you've seen her - she's a sad tomato - she's three miles of bad road." Ridiculously Clementine.

2: Son of a Sailor - Jimmy Buffett - "I'm not a lawyer, a theif or a banker" - Sam Song!

3: Beautiful Stranger: Madonna - "To Know You Is To Love You" - Clementine in love with an international man of mystery, only she doesn't know it yet.

4: Love Somebody: Rick Springfield - "You're a tough little sister, but you'll settle for Mr. Tonight...on the wrong side of town... - Tough little Clemmie, who better choose soon.

5: Hey Soul Sister - Train: "And I'm always gonna want to blow your mind. - Giddy first moments of Love.

6: 1983: Neon Trees: "I've been here looking dynamite, alone against the wall - girls like you give it oh so cool talking cheap in a bathroom stall - and - They're never growing up.

7: Valerie: Amy Winehouse -"Since I've come home, well my body's been a mess - and I miss your ginger hair and the way you like to dress..." Just forgive me that one name in the chorus.

8: You and I (Florida Version): Lady Gaga "You taste like whiskey when you kiss me/oh I'd give anything again to be your babydoll/this time I'm not leaving without you" - Clementine putting her feet on Sam's bar.

9: Close To You - The Carpenters "That is why all the girls in town follow you all around..." Clementine-style adoration - even if Sam doesn't have blue eyes.

10: Baby, It's You: The Shirelles "You should hear what they say about you...They say you ain't never, never never been true..." - Sepparation Angst

11: Thing Called Love: John Hiatt "Before Laws God and man I vow to take you as my wife/To Love, Honor, Cherish and Obey/No, I didn't have no plans to live this kinda life/it just worked out that way" - They ain't no icons carved out of stone.

12: Here, There and Everywhere: Emmylou Harris "To Lead a Better Life, I need my love to be here." ultimate themesong for them, TBH.

13: Devoted to You: Carly Simon and James Taylor "Darlin' you can count on me/'Til the sun dries up the sea..."

14: All The Lovers Must Be Missing an Angel (Kylie Minogue Vs Tavares - MattPop Mix) All The Lovers/That Have Come Before/They Don't Compare/To You - Self-explanitory.
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She was pissed off about the traffic. That's what she'll remember a few hours later when she's crying her eyes out in Garcia's arms. The last thought she had about Jonesy while he still drew breath on the planet was 'this had better be good'.

It haunts her for awhile, when she closes her eyes. She sees him lying there with his eyes wide open, a dead man's gaze; she hears Jim's crying. She hears the sound she made; a gutpunched moan. It's immortalized in the footage that airs a month later, a permanent record of her agony.

They had been lovers for a century; she never expected anything more from him, no mater what Raineesha said. Yet it feels like someone's pulling something vital from her; some secret inner part that's weeping and aching.

She focuses on the pain. It's all that keeps her from remembering the fact that she's lost Sam on top of it all, isolating her even further.

He wanted to go that way. She's still alive. That makes her selfishly glad.

That's the worst part of all.
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Clementine doesn't know why she tried to marry Steed.

Later on - when she's somewhere else - she'll think about the haste with which she followed her glands and write it all off. She'd wanted to marry him forever - since those long-ago GED classes, since those passed-around notes. They've been seeing each other quite regularly since then - though with less frequency since she found Milliways - and he seemed the best choice at the time. She tells the camera that she wants to be with him forever with a smile on her face.

It's marriage she's really lusting after - stability - and Steed is a familiar warhorse in that respect. She gets to be a glitter-speckled bride with great cleavage in a trailer-park ceremony. The ratings are gangbusters. Everyone she knows is fairly disappointed in her, but she's cool with that. She's got a guy and a ring, at last, what more does she want?

She knows exactly what she wants. He has a much bigger jaw, brown eyes, a soft laugh and gentle hands. The guy who took her to Miami and taught her how to fish and does things to her with his mouth that defy all laws of sexual expectation. The one she thought she'd end up with, in spite of their mutual cynicism.

The night before the ceremony happens he so obsesses her thoughts that she cracks and heads down to the station after hours, trying to get to her door.

But all she sees is Jim hosing out the drunk tank.

When an otherwise-naked man in motorcycle boots gives you a Come to Jesus talk, you know you're making a shitty decision.

But she's not gonna do any better. So she bites the bullet and wears her something blue and goes through with the ceremony. After a brief reception he takes her off to a no-tell motel and they get on with the best part of marriage.

She calls him Sam when he makes her come. Twice.

The brawl results in a broken jaw for Steed and a black eye for Clementine. She throws him out, then puts in an emergency call to a public defender who owes her a favor. When he finds out they forgot to get a license, she nearly sobs her relief.

She comes into work the next day and spills her guts. Jim gives her a hug, Jones sighs his obvious relief, Garcia pats her shoulder, and Raineesha demands details. The rest of the day is refreshingly normal. At the bar Jim pays for a round in her name.

When she goes to bed that night, another conversation plays in her head.

I don't see my ass ever leaving you.

But he did leave her.

Men just do.

She chokes down the bitterness and meditates herself to sleep, tears on her mascara-spiked lashes.
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It's late.

Probably somewhere past midnight, but she hasn't really noticed the moon's movement. Normally, after a good screw she falls right to sleep, but she's lying there instead, smelling Sam's skin and listening to him breathe as the night wears in.

So she lies still and lets time pass.

She can't even remember what month it is anymore.
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Title: Married Name
Parts: 1 of 1
Author: Missy AKA rise_your_dead
Fandom: Burn Notice/Reno911!
Pairing/Characters: Sam Axe, Clementine Johnson; Sam/Clem
Rating/Category: PG; Humor
Spoilers: General Millicanon
Summary: Clementine tries out her possible married name.
Disclaimer: Not mine; belongs to Matt Nix, Fox, USA, Comedy Central, Wendi McClendon-Covey and all of their sundry operating arms.
Notes/Warnings: I couldn’t help myself, really.

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